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I would like to buy a new tenor ukulele with a pickup. But I'm shallow and would like it to look pretty and unusual (as well as sound good). Ukemeisters of AskMe, give me your recommendations.

I love the look of this Bushman Rockabilly uke, but Bushman seem to have a terrible reputation.

Is there anything similar from a more reliable manufacturer?

Indicative budget of $500 USD, but I'm willing to go a bit higher for something great.

Difficulty factor - must ship to Australia.
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Luna Guitars specializes in pretty and unusual. The underlying ukulele is normal, but they do more finishes than a standard manufacturer.

I see them available at National Guitars Australia and AudioBuy, online. (Look for ukulele in the results shown.)
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I have a Sojing Silent Electric Tenor, which (a) is probably lower-end than you want, and (b) only works with the pickup (or—and this is the primary use case for mine—for practicing at 2 AM without disturbing the neighbors). But it nails the looks-unusual requirement!

(Likely you've found the Ukulele Underground forum already, but that might also be a good place to ask...)
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