Where can I buy replacement inner liner bags for an inflatable lounger?
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I bought a few inflatable loungers (similar to the Lamzac), and the inner bag has sprung a leak in one of them. The company that made them doesn't seem to exist anymore, but given the number of knockoffs, this seeems to be a fairly standard item. Does anyone know where I can buy replacement liners?
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Best answer: Would this one work?
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Do you know where the leak is? Tenacious tape will stop it.
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Best answer: I found another place that sells them for much cheaper: BaggyMcBag.
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Response by poster: The leak isn't evident - we took it to the beach and it seems to have gotten sand in between the nylon shell and the inner plastic liner, which apparently caused some small pinprick holes in the plastic. But tenacious tape looks like cool stuff and I hadn't known about that before, and I have something else I can use that on. Thanks for the tip!
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