Why do feet itch in summer and hands itch in winter?
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Does anyone know what might make the tops of my feet itch in summer, and the backs of my hands itch in winter?

Heat makes my feet worse, as does sweat. Hands are made worse in winter by soap, hand-washing and exposure to cold.

Moisturizing cream can help a little, as can deodorant, and emollient cream (no not all at once, I was experimenting a lot trying to find out what might help!), and the steroid cream prescribed by a doctor works even better, but it's gradually getting worse. Any idea what might be causing the itching? An ounce of prevention would be worth a pound of cure!
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You might check out this post.
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I've problems with hives at times, and Claritin seems to help. Also, I lost a significant amount of weight last year and find that the incidences of hives are greatly reduced.
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Thanks for the links to related threads; I'd seen the washing-up one before but my searching for posts about itching before posting my own question hadn't led me to the hives/urticaria one.

Whilst the description of hives doesn't seem to match what I get on my hands or feet (for example the marks on my feet are only those resulting from my scratching), I hadn't come across the idea of immune system overreactions to hot and cold before, and it seems to me that there might be something in that. At any rate, thank you all for giving me some new information with which to try and tackle the problems!
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