How to report a blog post thief using Google Ads to Google?
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I have a blog, and found another site which is duplicating multiple posts of mine in their entirety (text, photos, captions, formatting, the works), in violation of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License under which I publish. The blog in question is on Wordpress, but uses Google Ads. How do I report the site to Google? Is it likely that reporting the site to Google will result in the thief losing Google Ads revenue?

Previous posts on AskMe with this question have been told to file DMCA notices to the infringing blog's host as well, but I'm not clear how to do that either.

Is it worth trying to contact the people who run the site as well? (I'm assuming they're not going to give a shit, since if they were the sort of people who cared about this sort of thing, they wouldn't be stealing my content in the first place. ) Is there anything else I can or should do?

Also any suggestions for dealing with the blinding rage this situation is causing (not that this is the first time I've run into this problem, but it's somehow worse this time) would be appreciated.
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Correction(?): says the site in question isn't running on I appear to have misread the site, which is using a WordPress theme.

The site in question is growing trees (as one word) [dot] info.
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Their name servers:


Their webhost:
Their twitter:

The Abuse page:
and the copyright infringement page is linked from there.

A comprehensive example of how to create a DMCA Notice which you can copy and send to them regardless of their Abuse form:

No idea how to contact Google but going after their webhost should get your material removed.

Also useful:
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DMCA notice info & templates.
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You are really over-complicating this. Follow the directions for the DMCA; that is the recourse provided to you by the system you are trying to address. Follow this letter, with your first paragraph being:

My name is Spathe Cadet and I am the author of the blog Blog Title at A website that your company hosts (according to WHOIS information) is infringing on at least one copyright owned by my company.

Email it to their hosts.
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Filled out the report for, as linked in episodic's comment. Heard back today:
Hi [Spathe Cadet],

Thank you for reporting COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT activity on:
Following your report the domain has been suspended.

AlpNames Abuse Mitigation
The site is still there, including the posts I mentioned as specific examples of theft, and they posted a new one today. So now what?
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They probably just found new host. You'll have to rinse and repeat with the new host, possibly multiple times. I'm not sure what happens if they get a non-US based host though.
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(I imagine they will just move on to a new host or something, but for the moment, I appear to be victorious. Attempts to load the page return "Firefox can’t find the server" messages, and AlpNames insists that the domain has been placed on "clientHold;" they don't explain what that actually is, but it certainly sounds serious and disciplinary. Thank you to all who took the time to leave responses.)
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