Cheapest Chromebook that comes with 100gb free Google Drive storage??
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If you have a little bit of time that you can wait for them to go on sale again and are willing to spend an extra $30 or so, the ASUS C200MA has a significantly nicer CPU and more RAM and Amazon's been running specials on them for under $150 on a fairly regular basis. It also has a genuinely nice keyboard (for the pricepoint).

It is not something that can be counted upon, but my first Chromebook was a refurb and at least some of the "only available for original owners" promos worked for me. You could see if there's something acceptable on Craigslist or whatnot and hope to get lucky with a fallback plan of paying $24 for separate service agreement with Google if need be.
posted by Candleman at 1:53 PM on September 22, 2016

I'm not really interested in the specs, just the cheapest Chromebook that will get the extra storage. I need the storage, not the Chromebook.
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If storage is all you need then Mega offers 50gb free, make two accounts and you can meet your 100gb needs.
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In your link there it says that it's free 2 years of storage and it's a $47 value. $47 is cheaper than $110, right? Here's the Google Storage pricing, which is $1.99 per mo for 100GB. If you don't need a Chromebook, why get one at all? Save $60 and just pay for the storage.
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100GB is $2/month and the Chromebook storage is for 2 years. But I guess it makes sense if either:

A) You can find a Chromebook for < $48
B) You actually need 200GB and are paying for 100GB already, in which case you would otherwise have to go to the $9.99/month 1TB tier (in which case you need a Chromebook < $240)

B) would be the reasonable scenario here. (Google only offers storage in fixed tiers, its not X per GB or whatever)
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I already pay $10/mo for 1TB of storage. The next tier is $100/mo for 10TB of storage, there's no inbetween, and there's no way to buy a smaller increment of storage besides buying a Chromebook.

So Please, only info on cheap Chromebooks.
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Are you sure that that the free promo storage will actually be incrementally added to your existing account? If it's a new customer thing and you already have a Google Storage account it might not help you.
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only info on cheap Chromebooks.

Other than looking for new condition ones on eBay (that may or may not actually be new) that pop up on eBay from time to time, the one you already linked to is the cheapest I'm aware of.
posted by Candleman at 3:31 PM on September 22, 2016

My Chromebook's storage was indeed added to my account. I paid $149 for it though, which the OP already has beat.
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I would be cautious about any used Chromebooks, since all someone would have to do is turn it on once and activate the offer.

Found cheaper though! $83

Should include the storage according to ASUS's product page.
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I got a refurb Chromebook and the storage offer didn't work for me, so I wouldn't recommend that route.
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