Renter's insurance for Airbnb?
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I'm going to be staying in an Airbnb for an extended period of time. Is it possible to get renter's insurance or some other form of insurance to cover the valuables I'll have with me? The Airbnb is in the U.S. and I'm American.
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Check your current policy. It may protect your stuff wherever you're staying. Ask your agent if you're not sure.
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Are you paying with a credit card? See if they would cover you in case of loss.
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Agree that your current policy may cover it. I got stuff stolen out of my car, and the auto insurance covered the window but the renters policy covered the stuff.
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Travel insurance maybe?
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Depending on length of stay this may be more legally a sublet but you would have to ask an insurance company questions directly.
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My renter's insurance covers my stuff wherever I am. If you don't have this coverage already, it may be possible to purchase it temporarily from your insurance provider. A lot of insurance companies have extra policies you can take out for loss or damage to valuables, especially jewelry and electronics, that is not tied to location.
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