Fictional Anastasias
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What novels, short stories, or movies have a female character named Anastasia?

Specifically looking for fiction other than the 20th Century Fox animated movie Anastasia and the 50 Shades of Grey franchise.
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Lois Lowry's Anastasia Krupnik series! Geared toward maybe elementary/middle-school readers but I still find them clever and entertaining as an adult, and the older hardcovers with Diane DeGroat's tiny illustrations at the beginning of each chapter are lovely.
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There was a Royal Diaries book about Anastasia Romanov.
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(I should say, it is the fictionalized diary of Anastasia Romanov)
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Along with Drizella, she's one of Disney Cinderella's mean stepsisters.
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The Anastasia Books (also known as the Ringing Cedars). Very weird. Much woo. Also contains good blueprints for a beehive.
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Stacey in the Babysitters Club books was an Anastasia, if that counts.
(I can't believe my brain has retained that information for decades. Stupid brain, can't you clear that space for something useful?)
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It is not the character's actual name, but Karen on Will and Grace uses the alias Antastasia Beaverhausen several times.
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Tacy's full name in the Betsy Tacy books is Anna Anastasia.
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I don't know if it refers to a specific person or character but there's a Russian folk song Oh, Anastasia!Эх, Настасья!
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