Where to do a family dinner in Toronto, with a moblity impaired senior?
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My brother is turning 60 in late November, so we want to do a family dinner out. There will be 3 siblings and spouses, 4 teens 15-19, one a vegetarian, and our mother. She's 89 years old, with very limited mobility. (walker with help, but no wheelchair)

Stairs are almost impossible for her. She's also quite deaf, but won't wear her hearing aids, so ambient noise is a big factor. We're looking for a place we call all go and have a nice meal together. West end is preferred, but no real restrictions on cuisine.

Can you suggest something?
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Hmmm, off the top of my head:
1. Enoteca Sociale: trendy, but less than it used to be. Easy to park. Flat, quiet and great food.
2. The westerly. Decent food, low key neighbourhood restaurant on Ronce
3. Bar Cluny: decent French food, but a beautiful space. Probably the most celebratory of the 3. dont remember it being too loud (in the distillery though, not west end as requested). You can park right underneath it off cherry street and an elevator will bring you you right there.
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I think Mildred's Temple Kitchen might be an option.
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Mercatto at College and University has delicious food and the restaurant itself is flat and accessible; I can't remember if it's loud (and the time of day you plan to visit might affect that) and I don't know if the restrooms are accessible, so maybe call to check.
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Also- AccessTO is a blog that lists accessible restaurants in Toronto; might be worth a look.
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