Where can I buy a bordered flag/banner with collegiate-style lettering?
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...And not just any bordered flag/banner. Ideally, something with chunky lettering and a thick white border, like the one in the center of this picture. Bonus points if the banner already has the phrase "BETTER IS POSSIBLE" in the middle. :)

To inspire some teammates, I'm looking to get a replica of this banner, whose basic traits consist of:

- nylon/polyester construction, approx. 5 ft × 3 ft
- large, block lettering in the center
- a thick, chunky border around all sides
- grommets at the top corners for hanging

I've Googled for custom flag and banner producers, but most have more generic-looking designs, and the banner I'm looking to acquire definitely has more of a collegiate or "hipster" aesthetic.

Does anyone have experience ordering banners like this, or know of a company who could make one and who would ship to NYC?
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This looks like a decent place to start.
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I've made a couple of flags recently using Zazzle's custom fabric. The cost is about $25 for 36x54" of the Pima Cotton.

There's a creator tool on the Zazzle website where you can add text, change the background color, etc or create the flag you want and upload an image.

When you get your fabric fold the edges over and stick them down with use iron-on hem stuff or just use a sewing machine.

MeMail me and I'll send you some examples of the flags I've made.
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Not cheap, but these guys look like they could do it
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