How do you go backless with big ones?
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Well endowed women of Metafilter, do any of those stick on bras work? Does anything work? I want to wear backless summer dresses.

The weather is warming up and I love clothes and I want to wear what I want to wear.
I'm 36DD/E. I'm looking for a reliable backless solution that isn't a halter. It doesnt have to be super well made, I'm happy to have something that will get me through summer.

I don't mind a solution with minimal lift if it can hold me still-ish. What makes me self conscious about going braless is bouncing and swinging when I'm walking around. Will any of those stick on things will work for my size? What else can i try?
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I wore one of those when I was like a 34B...I'm around your size now and I can't imagine them holding me up now!
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If all you want to do is contain movement and support isn't an issue, get a couple bandeau bras in cute coordinating colors or lace and just let it show.
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When you say backless, how backless are we talking? One of these low back bras that some women wear under backless wedding gowns might work. I Googled "backless wedding dress bra 36DD" to find that one, but there are many more options to explore on Google images.

FWIW, I'm a 36C/D. Whenever I wear a stick on bra in any sort of heat, the bra gets so sweaty that it slides down, folds under, and tilts over so that before I know it I've got a really strange shelf situation going on in the front of my shirt/dress and people on the subway are giving me pitying looks because I can't get my chest situation together. So... I say no me gusta stick on bras.
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Long-line low-back bras or bustiers. Or clear straps.
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I would definitely look for long-line bras.
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Nope. I'm DD/E and tried six different adhesive bras this spring. Each was a complete joke. They offered neither support nor minimized uncomfortable bouncing. Utter waste of cash.
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Best answer: I have this blog post favourited just in case I one day find the perfect backless dress.
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Best answer: Ooooh, oooh, I know this one! I once had to wear a backless bridesmaid's dress. E here. I used the entire pack of stick ons (like, 3 on each boob or whatever) and it actually worked really well--I felt comfortable and supported.
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I think a fancy bralette or front-clasp bra is a good solution if you like to accessorize. (Unless you specifically want the backless look.) Buzzfeed did a thing where a couple larger busted women wore bralettes for a week. Here's a Calvin Klein front clasp in your size.

Otherwise, yes, I think a bustier or long-line strapless is a good way to go. I'm a small busted lady but don't like the nipple or low front issue with summery stuff and strapless bras hate me. I either go braless (10% of the time with a dress with padding) or wear a fancy bralette/front close lace back bra under more revealing stuff.
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I'm a 32G, and I use these Perk Ups. They're not nearly as supportive as a real bra (and don't look as perky in real life as they do in the picture), but they work okay enough for my purposes.
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Best answer: Wacoal bras are some of the best for larger cup sizes and have been highly recommended in the past. If you are at all concerned about slippage of your dress or of anything else really, may I recommend that you use not fashion tape, but wig tape. Toupee tape comes in strips and you can get it at most beauty supply stores. It is the biz. Fashion tape is nothing.
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Best answer: I have used medical tape to fashion a bra for backless clothing (works really well--ask anyone who saw me slam dancing after MefiChi's spring prom) but it's a bit involved for a casual or every day thing.

Basically, you run one or more strips side to side under each breast (lifting them while you lay the tape). Then you run a strip from the center of each breast around and up the side (one inside and one outside) for lift and one strip from under each breast, over the nipple, and up for lift. Then, depending on how much support you need, you add more. I find it removes without pain or issue (but I'm not sensitive to adhesive on medical tape) but a little baby oil or steam helps. It's much cheaper than adhesive bras (but disposable), more reliable than fashion tape, and you can adjust on the fly.

Wikihow Method 2. Ultimate bra guide
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Best answer: Kim Kardashian uses tape.
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