Club membership management software needed
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I'm looking for software to create an online membership management system for a club. The system needs to be accessible to officers but not to members. What do you recommend?

I help manage a club that has no budget. We have previously relied on, essentially, an excel spreadsheet accessible to 1 person to handle our membership management (have they paid dues, contact information, etc.). This is not really working, and I'm looking for a way to put this information online so all of our officers/leadership can access the information. It's not important for members of the organization to have access to anything that would be on this membership management site. It's only important that our leadership can access this.

We already have a wordpress site, so we would love to have something that integrates with that. CiviCRM looks perfect, but it appears to be incompatible with our webhost. Other options I've found seem to be too focused on creating gated access to website content or generating sales. We don't need that. Because we don't need to create tiered access to a website, perhaps, wordpress integration is not important.

This is what I would like the software to do: keep a list of members and their contact information; keep a record of when they paid dues; keep a record of when/if they need to renew; make all of this accessible to multiple users online (our club leadership); free (or low one-time cost).

We don't need to send renewal reminders to members. That might be nice at a later date, but it would be great if we could turn off renewal reminders. Integration with paypal would be nice, if we decide to automate the signup process and membership renewals. We do have some events each year, so maybe handling ticket purchases for those would be good, but again, we already have a system set up to do this. Sending out emails to members might be nice, but we have something to do that already, too.

Basically, we just need a way to keep our membership records online and available to our leadership so it's not just controlled by one person.
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Zoho CRM Free?
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any reason you can't just move the excel document to a google sheet and share it with the relevant officers?

that would let multiple people be in the spreadsheet at the same time and if there were certain people that didn't need to change anything you could easily just give them viewer rights.
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