I'll probably try it anyway, but...
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Should I eat it? I found a bag of mini babybel cheeses in my fridge. (Like this.) They have a best-before date of.... well... uh... January. (Hey, at least it's still 2016!). They're wrapped in plastic, and then in their distinctive wax. I unwrapped one - it looks totally fine. I want to eat this. I mean... it's cheese. If it's not mouldy its good, right? But... January. Would you eat it?
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How does it smell? I'd probably give it a nibble. If it tastes and smells okay, I'd go for it.
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Looks fine? Eat it. It's cheese, yo.
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I would eat it without hesitation unless the taste or texture seems off. That stuff keeps a long time. Best before sometimes means that it actually tastes best before and sometimes just means that the manufacturer wants you to toss the older stuff.
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Cheese is already off! As Stephen Fry said on QI, cheese is milk gone off big time stylee.

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I would 100% eat that shizz. Any kind of processed, individually-wrapped cheese lasts freaking forever.
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Omg don't eat it!
Send it to me, I will eat it for you.
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Babybel is actual cheese not a processed "cheese" product.

I'd still eat it if there was no mould.
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I ate the cheese. It was totally cheesy good. But because of y'all i'm not quite as worried about any sort of related gastronomical distress this evening -- thanks!
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I ate some under similar circumstances. They seemed to taste a little waxier than usual, but were otherwise fine.
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I once ate a similar type of cheese (also sealed in plastic and partially covered in wax) that was over a year past the expiry date and it was totally fine. No mold = no problem when it comes to hard cheeses. Doubly so when covered in wax.
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"Cheese is milk's leap towards immortality."

Until we eat it.
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Cheese-wise, it's very obvious if it's not good. Mould that shouldn't be there, or really dried up, or the wrong colour, or the wrong smell. Use By date on cheese is just a legal thing, the real Use By is the above indicators. With hard cheese, you can usually just cut off the outside parts and the inside will still be good.
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What you have there is in any case not a Use By date, but a Best Before date. Different beast altogether.
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