Free cross-platform webcam baby monitor
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I would like to use the webcam on my Mac or PC in my home office/nursery to film the baby while she's sleeping. Ideally, the stream would be viewable from my Android, her mom's iPhone and iPad, and her grandma's computer at work. Is there a free web service or cross-platform app that makes this possible?
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You could create a Google Hangout.
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Google hangout was my answer.

You'll also probably want to install an extension that lets you keep it open longer than four hours. Tampermonkey has a user-developed script that I use to let it stay open indefinitely.

You could also create a YouTube channel and archive them as "hangout on air" if you wanted. Then it would be available FOREVER (though I don't imagine that would be all that exciting in 10 years).
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I looked into this several years ago, and what I ended up doing then was to setup a baby-watching-cam Skype account with only parents and grandparents as contacts and configure Skype to auto answer calls with video (and mute the sound, we never want to wake the baby up). It worked quite well.

The solution was limited to a single viewer at a time, but I don't recall ever having problems with that.
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