Best podcasts with full transcripts
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Inspired by all the podcast recommendation threads I've seen here lately... Are there any great podcasts that include full transcripts?full transcripts? I'm hearing impaired, so I'd love to be able to follow along while listening (or even just read the 'scripts alone). I'm interested in any and all subjects!
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Do they have to be official transcripts, or are unofficial fan transcripts OK? Fan transcripts of the Night Vale Presents family (Welcome to Night Vale, Alice Isn't Dead, and Within the Wires) are good quality and typically posted within 12 hours of an episode's release.
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Many American public radio shows are available as podcasts and have full transcripts: Fresh Air, Planet Money, Radiolab, This American Life, etc.
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Smart Bitches, Trashy Books podcast has a transcript up a few days after the episode goes live.
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On Being has full transcripts (scroll down below Pertinent Posts and Books + Music to find it on each episode page). It started out as an interfaith podcast and now explores what it means to be human, whether that's through poetry, art, science, religion, philosophy or narrative.
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The screenwriting podcast ScriptNotes has full transcripts, although I should mention the transcript takes a day or two after the podcast is released because (AFAIK) they use a third-party service to transcribe it.
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The Metafilter podcast has volunteer transcription. We're currently 21 min into episode 120, and older episodes are here.
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Just by chance noticed that Reply All (Gimlet) posts transcripts. Ended up reading the last episode before hearing it.
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Dear Hank and John - two brothers (one the author of The Fault in Our Stars, John Green, and the other a YouTube star and founder of VidCon, Hank Green) answer questions, give dubious advice, and share all the week's news from Mars, a cold dead rock, and AFC Wimbeldon, a third-tier English football team. It's a comedy podcast about death.

Truth and Justice - formerly a Serial call-in show called Serial Dynasty, but now focused on overturning wrongful convictions. The transcripts are a little behind right now, but several people just started working on the backlog.

Oh, and Serial transcripts are here, and many are annotated. If you haven't listened to that one, you should start there.
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I'm not sure if short stories are what you're thinking of, but most of the Escape Artists podcasts have the stories posted as prose in addition to the audio.
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I recently noticed that Under The Radar links to transcripts in the show notes, and there have been a couple episodes where I read instead of listening. It is a weekly, 30-minute podcast about independent apps development.
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Unofficial transcripts are totally fine. Thanks to everyone for the great responses... can't wait to read along with some podcasts. :)
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