Help my students post to my course Wordpress site
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I teach media arts, and am trying to get my (college) students to post to our class blog, which is at a site. I have invited them all as authors. I am the admin. The students who have never used WP before are posting fine. However, the students who have their own wordpress sites are having a hard time, because when they try to post, they are only given the option to post to their own sites.

I tried inviting myself at another email address, and when I log and click the "+" to add a blog post, I'm given a simple dropdown menu to select which blog to post to. However, the students are evidently not seeing this dropdown menu.

Any ideas?

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Does the class blog show up on the My Blogs page? If so, is the Dashboard field set to Visible or Hide?
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Can they open an incognito window when logging into your site?
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Thank you both! Sparklemotion, that's a good question. I'm going to send the question out.

MsMartian, do you mean like private browsing? My understanding is that they need to be logged into Wordpress in order to post to the blog. But please, correct me if I'm wrong!

And I guess I should have said, too, that I'm not running any plugins.

Thanks, all.
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