Help Me Find More Sweater/Ponchos Like This One
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I ordered this poncho/sweater from Modcloth and am in love with it. Now I'm looking for more like it - please help me have a cozy and comfy winter! Special Snowflake details below the jump.

My must have are:
- Actual "closed arm" sweater, rather than a big square with a hole for your head
- Substantial enough to be worn as a top with just a cami under it.
- Straight along the bottom, not pointy

The cowl neck is really nice, but not a must have.

Here is an example of what I do not want.
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How's this one from Vaute NYC?
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I bought this poncho last fall and love wearing it, although it works better as a light jacket substitute than as a shirt substitute. It is sort of "a rectangle with a head hole" but there are buttons that form the arm holes.
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LOFT has this poncho.
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