Software for creating online forms for data collection and routing
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Looking for software for creating online forms for data collection and routing.

Our school district's current tool for creating online forms (rhymes with FerfectPorms) is a Flash application that allows us to create forms and workflows via drag-and-drop. Published forms used to be Flash objects, but recently they added the ability to publish forms as HTML. Unfortunately, the HTML forms sometimes don’t work as well as the Flash version, and with Chrome dropping Flash soon that's going to be a problem.

We use the forms for data collection and workflows/routing. For example: A teacher could open a form that lists her students (pulled in from our student information system DB) and submit a classroom discipline incident for a student. It is then routed to an administrator who would open the form and then 1) route the form back to the teacher requesting more info, or 2) push the discipline data into our student information system DB and generate a discipline letter for the parents. Routing happens via email notifications that contain a link to that "instance" of the form that was submitted, and that instance can only be opened by the user(s) to whom it was sent.

The tool is nice in that no programming is required to design the forms, though I do have a bit of a programming background and create stored procedures, tables, etc. in the databases used by the forms. "Programming" the forms is drag-and-drop as well and is kind of like a workflow itself, with starting and ending steps, branches, etc.

What else it out there like this? Our minimum requirements:
- Little to no coding for designing forms and routing
- Recognize users logged into the domain via Active Directory
- Be able to route forms to other users and send email notifications
- Be able to connect to SQL Server databases
- Work in Citrix/Xen
- Be able to generate a printable version of the form

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I would look at Zoho Creator. I think it has AD, SQL, and Citrix integrations, but I don't know enough about these to know if it would meet your needs.
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Kinetic Data offers a product that does Enterprise Request Management. One of their case studies is from Fairfax County Public Schools, which started using Kinetic to do IT service requests but has expanded beyond that. I'm not sure about the specific integrations, but it is designed to be the outward-facing portal that will then feed into and display from business systems (HR, IT, student information system, etc).
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