Please share your favourite web-based organisational histories!
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Inspired by the recent unveiling of the new MOMA exhibition archive, I was hoping you could share with us some brilliant examples of institutions showing off their history and heritage in new and interesting ways?

Collections indexed on the web are pretty common in the musem sector - less common is the history of the organisation presented with all the rich media bells and whistles.

Some neat sites I've seen:
Stinks Bangs & Booms
tells a great story, while CSI: Dixie is a perfect example of curating historical content to keep people coming back. Neither are about an organisational history though.

I would love if you could share your favourite "fancy About pages", for museums or any organisation really; it would also be much appreciated if you could point me towards any expert guidance or research on the subject!
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I have really enjoyed the Museum of Family History, which is a virtual museum. Here are some of their current collections.

CollectiveAccess features a number of museums that use their digital catalog system and I think you'd find interesting stuff there.
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For example, the New York Society Library has a very robust "About Us" page and give lots of details about how they have grown their collection.
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You can browse by "Exhibition" on the New Museum's site. Here's "The Art Mall" from 1992.

Now I am super excited to go through all of these amazing sites. Thanks!!
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