Where to watch the presidential debate(s) in Berkeley/Oakland?
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The first debate is coming up in a week. I could watch it at home, but I'd rather watch it with some like-minded (i.e. fiercely anti-trump) people for psychic support. Anyone know a good bar/cafe/other public venue in Berkeley or Oakland that will be screening the debate(s)?
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The New Parkway in Uptown Oakland. It's a movie theater with couches and a cafe with food & alcohol. I haven't been to a debate there, but I have been to other events and it will be a good time.
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The Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley is hosting a watch party on the Berkeley campus.
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There are official Clinton watch parties scheduled at Bobby G's Pizzeria in Berkeley and Everett & Jones BBQ in Oakland. Can't personally vouch for either venue, but Bobby G's has 4 stars on yelp.
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Debates at The New Parkway are probably the best, because they serve beer by the pitcher.

I can't remember if it's Arbor or Awaken but one of those cafes is also doing a debate thing Monday.
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Re: suggestions above, I watched all 4 debates in different Oakland/Berkeley venues in 2012; at least as far as audibility is concerned, Everett & Jones was the best and UC Berkeley was the worst. (The other two were The Graduate and the predecessor of Perch Café.)
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everett & jones has great bbq but the new parkway would be my choice (i'll probably end up watching it there or at the avenue) - they have pitchers of beer and good snacks and comfy couches/chairs
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The New Parkway is sold out for Monday night's debate already. Era Art Bar's website says they'll have the debate on, as does Awaken's.
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