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I'm currently writing a non-fiction book that will be published next year. I want to hear your best tips for keeping things running smoothly - especially towards the end of the publishing process. Specific circumstances inside.

I'm writing a non-fiction book that combines history, philosophy, art and crafts. The book has been crowdfunded and I am project-managing the whole process myself from writing it to publishing it. I have a technical editor, a copy editor and a layouter assigned. I am using Scrivener & Evernote to keep things moving (and things are moving beautifully, thank you). Keeping productivity going through Asana.

I've been told that keeping photos labelled by numbers make the layout process less painful (e.g. 1001, 1002, 1003 so chapter plus numbered by the sequence in which they appear). I would never have thought of that myself. I always used to do "description.jpg" then hunt for the right picture for hours when I needed it.

Any other tips & tricks for keeping things organised & smooth throughout the process? Any surprises I should look out for?
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Can you give some more specific questions for parts of the process you'd like to know more about? I used to be a book editor, and so might have some useful information, but your question is rather vague.
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