looking for a Youtube Video about human trafficking experience
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Help Needed Please - I was at a training within the past year about human trafficking - people getting manipulated into the sex trade business - and they showed a Youtube video of a young bright African American woman from California speaking at a conference about how she had been manipulated into sex trafficking and got out. She was a very well-spoken, intelligent young woman, who talked very eloquently about her experiences. I'm looking to cite this video for a school project, but I can't remember her name or find the video with a simple google search. Has anyone seen this before - does this jog a memory? Thank you.
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Nadia Murad?
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Sounds like maybe Leah Albright-Byrd. She was an amazing speaker when I saw her.
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I didn't preview that video; the time I saw her speaking it was a lot less about her conversion to Christianity. I'm trying to find something a little more about her experience, in case that rings more bells. Maybe this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1suuiyQVXI
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Nope, sorry, none of these are right so far, but thank you for the effort. It was a darker-skinned woman, and I know she talked about being from California. And I think her father was a pastor if I'm not mistaken.
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