Help me find a line of cute/strange fantasy miniatures
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I'm looking for a specific product line of fantasy miniatures with factions of cute/strange non-human species--more details inside. But please feel free to recommend your favorite weird miniatures line, if it focuses on non-humans and it's available now or in the near future.

Here's what I remember about the product line I'm looking for, but my recollection is so fuzzy that I don't trust much of this:
  • I believe it was a line of 25mm-30mm miniatures sold for tabletop gaming, possibly with a rule set but maybe not.
  • My recollection is that the setting was a low-tech fantasy world, either all or mostly all non-human--think RAFM's Reptiliads but ... cuter? Weirder? And certainly more variety.
  • I think one of the faction sets you could buy was for a smooth-featured humanoid faction vaguely reminiscent of the main character in Jason Thompson's comic versions of H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands stories or all the characters in his D&D walkthroughs.
  • I think each other faction was a separate non-human species. Like, maybe there was a yeti faction or a mushroom-people faction, though I'm pretty sure I'm just making these examples up.
  • I recall the website for it being extremely basic from a technical perspective.
  • I recall browsing distinct pages for different factions.
  • This may have been the company's only product.
  • For each faction, you could buy either a set with most of the figures or packs of small groups.
  • I think some factions/packs were sold out at the time, maybe a year ago, so it was not a new product then, but it probably wasn't more than 10-12 years old either.
The closest thing I know about is Relics by Tor Gaming, but I don't think that's it unless the website has changed a lot.

Anyway, please feel free to recommend alternatives as well. Although this particular memory is bothering me, I'm interested in any miniatures appealing to someone who likes weird and/or cute monsters.
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Critter Kingdoms?
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thedicebaglady ??
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Dark Sword miniatures. Not so much dark as they have a range of things like Guinea Pig Geisha,Goat Necromancer (with goat skeleton minion it's summoning), Cuthulu Guinea Pig, Snail Mage, Frog Grim Reaper. The cuteness levels for these are off the freaking scale & the quality of the figures/sculpts is amazing. As a side note their other figures while not meeting your cuteness/darkness requirements are also awesome.
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Response by poster: Thanks folks! I really appreciate the answers so far and will definitely pick up a few things based on these suggestions.
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