Name that video filter: learning English for Japanese speakers
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About eight years ago I flew to Tokyo on ANA. On the plane I watched a funny video intended to help Japanese speakers learn English. What was the video?

It had an episodic format. For each episode, a pair of people made a mistake in their attempts to speak English. As a result of their mistake, something awkward happened. In one such episode, they went into a restaurant, requested "pick up" and were physically lifted into the air by restaurant employees (i.e. picked up). Then they tried a second time, using the correct phrasing ("take out") and their food ordering went smoothly. (No, I wouldn't expect requesting "pick up" in a restaurant to cause a problem like this. But that hardly diminishes my desire to find the video.)

I think it was set in Hawaii.
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I bet they'd have a record of it but they might not want to share it. You can only ask! Here's their comment/enquiry form.
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