Tipping at Riviera Maya resort - pesos or dollars?
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At an all-inclusive resort on the Riviera Maya, do the staff prefer tips in pesos or American dollars? I've seen lots of conflicting opinions from travelers and I'd like to try to do what the staff actually wants. If they're tipped in dollars, do they have to exchange it for pesos before they can use it, and does that disadvantage them? Or does the exchange rate make dollars a better deal for them? Thanks!
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Worldwide, the general rule is to use local currency unless there's some weird political or economic collapse-ish reason not to (like Cuba during the special period, or Iraq.)

The Mexican peso is stable enough, and indeed it's what they'll actually use, so don't overthink. Tip in pesos, and always be mindful of the exchange rate so you're tipping appropriately, not insultingly. (And when it's an inclusive, I usually tip extra-generously, because I know many people don't, which strikes me as unfair. 20% of a $0 drink doesn't justify a $0 tip, guys.)
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Why don't you just ask them?
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This site has a writeup of tipping etiquette at all-inclusive resorts. It recommends tipping in dollars, due to the favorable exchange rate. My wife and I spent a few days at a resort in Riviera Maya last May. I brought $100 in singles with me and tried to tip as liberally as possible. They will gladly accept US currency, so don't feel like you need to use a local currency if it isn't convenient for you.
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Why don't you just ask them?

Yes, why don't you just ask them?

They'll know better than anyone else. US dollars versus Mexican pesons? You may get conflicting opinions. So what? You'll find out the preferences of those directly concerned. Won't you?
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in most touristy locations in mexico, stores and restaurants will take either dollars or pesos, so whoever you are tipping shouldn't have a problem unloading whichever currency you have on hand. I have had people ask me for unblemished dollars though - no rips or dogears etc. not sure if they have a harder time exchanging those or what. We usually use pesos if we have paper pesos, dollars if not. i don't like to give a server a bunch of coins. the exchange rates are typically not as good at the resort as they are in other places in town as well.

be aware if you ask at an all inclusive, the party line might be that tips are included. The staff appreciate them very much even though that techically might be true.
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You're probably overthinking this. Pesos are more convenient for them because that is what they will use most often, but it isn't a big problem for anyone at an all-inclusive to exchange currencies.
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I've always used american dollars because it's easy for me to get them at a canadian bank before I leave.. pesos take like 7 days and I'm bad at planning that far ahead.

I also like US$ because I'm not good enough of math and conversions to feel confident in my peso tipping. I'd be worried that I did the math REALLY wrong and didn't tip what I intended.
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You're at an all-inclusive resort which is supposed to include tipping precisely so you don't have to stress about this. Check on their website or your documents whether it's included or not in your package.

If you want to leave extra, either pesos or dollars are great. Dollars are going to be more appreciated because they'll benefit from the exchange rate.

Source: currently live in Mexico.
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I always tip in dollars. I'm sure they get tips in both currencies and are used to dealing with that situation. So I do think you are overthinking it.

However, I will second domino's comment. I know for a fact that in many countries (not sure if Mexico is among them), neither banks nor exchange offices will accept old, ripped, or written on foreign currency notes. Your only choice in those countries is to take those notes to the Central Bank and that is a major hassle. So, make sure you ask for your bank for brand new bills.
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