Hamilton - Still worth it?
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My daughter and I recently discovered Hamilton (yes, I know, we're way behind the curve). I'd like to take a short (~3 day) trip to NYC, see some sights, and maybe see the play. Tickets are still quite expensive, and I know a significant portion of the original cast has moved on. Does it still make sense to shell out the big bucks to see Hamilton on Broadway? Or did we miss the moment for it?

I can afford it, but given ticket prices I would be hoping for a pretty great experience. Did we miss the moment? Or is it still likely to be a great experience?

I'm not generally a fan of musicals, and I've never seen a Broadway show. Hamilton works with one of my favorite subjects (the American Revolution) and the themes of the show feel particularly relevant for personal reasons, so I'd love to see it. The fact that my daughter is similarly stoked is bonus.

Bonus questions - what are the must see's for a 40-year-old and 13-year-old on their first trip in NYC? Mom loves art, teen loves Steven Universe, anime and manga, and we both love scifi. Teen is a picky eater, with a preference for cheeseburgers and pizza and a distaste for vegetables.
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The cast right now is amazing- I would kill to see the current cast; particularly Javier Munoz as Hamilton and Brandon Victor Dixon as Burr. The show won't suffer. GO!
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It's an astonishing production and they've had a deep bench since day one. If you can go, go!
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Definitely do it, if you can get tickets. It's unforgettable.
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Also, if you like Star Trek and are going to be here soon, there's this.
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The show is incredible and if anything, culturally, I think *now* is the moment. It was more theater geeks and New Yorkers who knew about it last fall. Now, it's achieved way more mainstream exposure. However, unless the cash is really no big deal for you at all (and tickets are at least $500 resale price right now), I'm not sure that I think watching the show adds that much value over just listening to the music. If you just listen the cast album, you're getting 90% of the effect of seeing the show. The dancing and staging were fun and I enjoyed seeing the show but I didn't know if it's worth hundreds of dollars when by far the most valuable part of the show is the music and you can get all of it for free.
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I went a few weeks ago with much of the "new cast" and it was a super fun experience. I love musicals too.
After the show, everyone waits for the actors to come out and people were super nice about allowing kids to be at the front for selfies/autographs.
I would do it. It will help develop your child's love of theatre.
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If you can get tickets -- try Ticketmaster resale; prices actually drop to Vaguely Reasonable Although Still Super Expensive on the day of the show -- you should absolutely go. It lives up to the hype, and it's in your area of interest.

FWIW, I saw both the whole original cast, and the original cast with Javier playing Hamilton, and Javier is EXCELLENT. I can't speak to the rest of the new cast members, but he's great. I wouldn't worry too much about that. Also, this is a pivotal age for a kid to be introduced to theatre -- I saw Les Mis at about your daughter's age and it made me a fan for life and I am so grateful for my parents to opening my eyes to musicals. I think your daughter would never forget it.
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Or did we miss the moment for it

This is not a moment it's THE MOVEMENT!!!

No but seriously, go. You will be fine. You will be more than fine. You will be moved. And yes, I saw Javi and he was so good.

Also I saw Leslie Odom Jr as Burr and I looooove him but Brandon Victor Dixon's instagram post alone (he's the new Burr) has made me feel all tingly and like I missed out by not seeing HIM instead

Spouse read your question to me and I basically threw my phone across the room in my haste to yell "this is not a moment, it's the movement!" sorry
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My wife and I did this in August; we had even purchased tickets at pre-new-cast-announcement-crazy-prices and we weren't disappointed. Made a great little trip about it. And especially with a 13 year-old, that's a great time to see NYC for the first time, and it's doubly great to have a "big event" like Hamilton to anchor the trip. As for first time things to do, I'd definitely recommend the Staten Island Ferry; skip the liberty-specific tours unless she's big on Lady Liberty. You'll have to see Time's Square. Consider a stroll through central park and maybe a beverage at a fancy hotel nearby.
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I have, this very day, purchased tickets, so I join the chorus saying YES.
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As for your second question, there is no better place for a picky eater teen than NYC. You can eat nothing but cheeseburgers and pizza here and still have an A+ eating tourism experience.
Go to Burger Joint which is cool and hidden and basically only serves burgers and fries. Go to Shake Shack. Go to Black Tap burgers and get a crazy beautiful milkshake for dessert. You can literally have a different top notch cheeseburger every meal you are here.
Not sure when you are coming but the Japan Society does a lot of exhibits and talks around anime, so it would be worth checking their site.
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Kinokuniya New York is a Japanese book store across from Bryant Park (1073 6th Avenue) and near Times Square. It is 3 stories with the top floor devoted to manga and anime.
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We saw it Thursday. I promise, it remains superb.
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I am lucky to have a wonderful spouse, so we've gone for my last two birthdays. First was the original cast and the second was this month. For sure, it was as good the second time. It's in such good hands.
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