Creating, editing, and administering surveys on a tablet w/o internet
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Does anyone know of any applications that allow you to create, edit, and administer surveys, all offline and on a tablet (Android)? Ideally the application would save responses as a .csv or another file format that's amenable to data analysis. I'm currently using KoBo Toolbox, which allows you to administer surveys offline, but it doesn't seem to allow me to edit existing surveys or upload new surveys when I'm out of internet access. (I conduct research in remote regions where internet is not available for long periods of time.) Thanks in advance!

note: I saw this related post (, but the responses are for the iPad (though TapForms looks great).
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I can use google drive ofgline, what about making the surveys in Google forms? The interface is funky but if it gets the job done ....
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Are you looking to create a survey on the fly and then get it to other people to fill out, electronically? If so, I have no idea how you would even do this without the internet.

I did something like this, once upon a time (I may have even Asked Metafilter about it), and, yeah, it was only really doable with the internet. Because there are no really good offline ways of doing file transfers from person to person.

Google Forms is great for making, transmitting, and analyzing surveys, but it relies on the internet to get the surveys to people.
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I just used this recently:

Costs a little $$, but was worth it for our needs.
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QuickTapSurvey is easy to use and does what you want.
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Qualtrics has an offline app for tablets (including Android) that does this. When you reconnect to the internet, the responses are uploaded to your survey. The tool has built-in data reporting and you can also download a .csv as you mentioned. It's not free.
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Database apps like HanDBase and Memento could export as a CSV. Memento will directly sync to a google sheet. Not free, but cheap one time cost.
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Response by poster: Hi all!

Thanks for the replies! To be more specific, my hope is really to just design a survey on a device and then administer it on the same device, all without the need for internet and ideally such that the data is saved as a .csv. I'll check out the sites people suggested now.

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Best answer: Open Data Kit! Here's info on the offline survey creation.
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