Where to Buy a Custom Choker Like Lil Uzi Vert?
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I'm interested in buying a necklace with hanging alphabet beads like rapper Lil Uzi Vert often wears. Here's a photo of his LUV necklace. Here's a video where he's wearing a DORA and THUGGER necklace.


-it's not a custom nameplate necklace, I know where to buy those

-i know about those little square white alphabet beads too, looking for hanging letters like he wears

-definitely ok with buying beads / a chain and assembling myself

-it's definitely possible/likely that his necklaces were custom made by a jeweler for five bazillion dollars, so I'm ok with a ~similar~ look
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Searching for "slide letter charms" will get you some options for individual beads. Many of them are intended to be worn on a wide choker/bracelet, but some (like these) have holes at the top so they can slide along a necklace chain.
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Have you tried Etsy? Your search term might be "initial necklace" or "mothers necklace."
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For a similar DIY look, you definitely want ittier letter charms than what typically comes up when you search for letter charms. You're going to want to include things like "micro" in your search terms.

These are far too large probably but these are earrings and would be harder to attach to a chain.
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I knew this would be your question!

I'm on my phone so no link, but Kendra Scott had letters like these on sale last week, check the website!
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Response by poster: I think I found the actual pendants Uzi's wearing, finally - unfortunately a THUGGER necklace would cost over $700. Still holding out for something similar.
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