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Starting this Saturday I will be in Dallas for a conference for five days. Most of Sunday will be free. What are some nice things to do to explore a bit of the city in one day? I love just walking around a new-to-me city, what would be a good area to do that, and how do I get there? I will be staying near East Transfer Center. Any advice on cheapish breakfast options around there are also appreciated.
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You are going to be right by the Dallas Arts District and Klyde Warren Park, which can be pretty nice places to wander around. Klyde Warren is a cool urban park (built over a freeway!) I think they have food trucks on the weekends and lots of different activities every day. The Arts District has a ton of museums for every taste. I personally really enjoyed the Nasher Sculpture Center and the Dallas Art Museum sculpture garden (this was free – corner of Ross and N St Paul)

You also aren’t far from the Deep Ellum area, but if you don’t have a car it is kind of a boring walk under a freeway to get there. I’ve never done anything but eat in Deep Ellum, but it supposed to have interesting art and shopping. As far as eating, for breakfast Buzzbrews or Café Brazil are both really great. If you want to try some amazing BBQ the much loved Pecan Lodge is also in Deep Ellum, but be ready for a long line.
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Following this post and replies because we, too, will be visiting soon.

From scanning previous posts and the rest of the internet some of the things on my list include:

fuel city for 24 hour tacos in a gas station
Avila's for tex mex (brisket tacos are calling me)
Greenville ave for funky shopping (?)
Kimbell museum
also Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum for BBQ

If I may tack on an additional request - pretentious coffee shop recommendations?
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I think Sabby covered a lot of the good stuff, but AllGood Cafe in Deep Ellum is also a great hole in the wall breakfast joint. Klyde Warren has free yoga on most Sunday mornings around 10 am, if that's your thing. Do remember that Dallas is still pretty warm this time of year, and it's been incredibly humid this week, so dress to sweat if you'll be walking a lot.

Exceptional_Hubris, we have plenty of pretentious coffee places. On Greenville Ave. there's Mudsmith, and both Houndstooth Coffee and Method are also in the area. All three are great.

Downtown there's Weekend Coffee, which is in the ultra-fancy Joule Hotel and has a fun, modern vibe. Stupid Good Coffee is also around there.

There's also Ascension Coffee in the Design District, and Oddfellows in Bishop Arts. Oddfellows is a brunch place with a walk-up coffee bar, and it's nuts on weekend mornings, so fair warning. If you're going to be in South Dallas/Bishop Arts, Taqueria El Si Hay has great street tacos.

If you're hitting the Kimbell you'll be in Fort Worth. I'm less familiar with their offerings, but Avoca is good.
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Dallas is not so good for exploring on foot, with the exception of Uptown (cross over the highway via the aforemention Klyde Warren Park). The Nasher Sculpture Garden and other museums in the Arts District are worth your time - it can just feel a bit dead in the area in terms of street life.

Bishop Arts is the other walkable area with little shops, restaurants, cafes, and people who like bicycles. It's become the more hip foodie place. Emporium Pies is delish for, uh, pie. Lucia is a raved-about hole-in-the-wall Italian place but book like a month early. I enjoy the vibe and food in Bolsa restaurant - they're all in that 'hood.

Coffee nerds I know love Ascension coffee in the Design District - bonus, if you're a craft beer nerd, Meddlesome Moth around the corner has a gazillion.

Agree Deep Ellum is probably your best bet for breakfast. In addition to those mentioned I also like Allgood Cafe.

YES to Pecan Lodge. Worth it.
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Seconding Ascension or Weekends for good coffee. Ascension has decent eats, too so it might be a one stop shop. That said, if you have transportation or don't mind uber-ing, I'd highly recommend Whisk, a crepes place off Sylvan. Their basil cream sauce is all I ever wanted. But they have inventive sweet crepes too if that's more your thing. This being Texas, they even have a brisket crepe!
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