Gift suggestions for a fireplace lover
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What's a good fireplace-related gift for someone?

An acquaintance (friend of a friend) recently did me a really nice favor (where I benefitted from her professional network), and I'd like to give her a thank you gift. Our friend in common tells me that she and her partner just moved in to a place that has a fireplace, and they seem to be pretty stoked about it (get it).

So, I'd like to give them something that would jive with that. Maybe a bellows type thing or some other fireplace type thing. However, my knowledge of fireplace type things is limited, and I wouldn't trust myself to choose something without asking. Hence: asking!

I think I'd prefer something pleasantly functional and simple to something showy. Any hunches from fireplace lovers about what they would've liked to have received back in the honeymoon days would be very welcome.

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Bonus points for suggestions on how to write a thank you note that doesn't make it come across like "wink wink, more favors means more gifts!".
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A nice fireplace matchbox, maybe?
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I'm making the assumption you're talking about a wood fireplace, so you should confirm that before you buy them anything.

You could get them a nice basket/sack of fatwood. It's what I use to start mine. Looks and smells nice sitting by the fireplace. LL Bean sells some nice gift boxes or you could buy it more cheaply at Home Depot and arrange it in a basket or something.

They also make some fancy brass holders for matches that have built-in strikers.

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We have a real fireplace and we LOVE it. The best gift you could probably give would be a Fireplace Set of some kind.... we could NOT live without that during the winter season, we use it so much.

If they already have a set like that, I know my husband has been on the look out for a set of bellows..... we still haven't found one quite right, so that would be a good gift too.

Failing that, a lovely holder of some sort for wood wouldn't go amiss!
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Oh, I almost forgot, my wife got me a pair of fireplace gloves and they are awesome. I can pick up a burning log and reposition it with my hands! No need for tongs or anything.
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I had never heard of fatwood, but it jives with my initial answer of "something to make the fire smell nice." (assuming, of course, it's a wood fireplace).

Regardless of the fuel*, people who like fireplaces also tend to like other hygge-inducing things like fancy teas or hot chocolates or comfy blankets. The nice thing about the first two on that list is that you can get pretty fancy without an extreme budget (whereas, what I would consider a "nice" blanket generally costs more than I'd be comfortable giving or receiving as a gift in a situation like this, but I don't know your budget)

*I used to be a fireplace snob who thought that gas fireplaces were soulless, but now I live in a house that came with one and it might be my favorite thing about the house in the fall, winter and spring.
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Oh, a nice bearskin rug...

You could have a load of firewood delivered, if you want to be dramatic.

A firewood carrier would be simpler.
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Seconding gloves, matchbox, or giftbox. I'd stay away from a fireplace set, as linked by JenThePro, because they are so highly personal and really do a lot to set the whole look of the thing. Nice ones get very pricy and it may well be that they'd like to pick their own.
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I bought the Mystical Fire Fireplace Colorant and it is amaaaazing. Can be used indoors and outdoors! So pretty!
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Fatwood, firewood carrier, really nice set of LONG matches (googleable term is Fireplace Matches and there are some lovely ones), one of those things you can smash sandwiches in. The good thign about most of these is if they already have one, they can usually use another. A really nice fireplace area sweeper would be good as well.
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The Fire Dragon is the best fireplace tool! It's a nice long forked poker but has a mouthpiece at the end of the handle and a little hole between the tongs at the business end, so you can force air right into whatever part of the fire needs perking up. I've given them to all my fireplace-having friends.
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Thanks! Great ideas so far. I have probably enough here to choose something good.

(Definitely a wood fireplace, yes.)
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You said you have enough suggestions but I wanted to second the fire lighters. A Looftlighter is on my wishlist - so many friends have recommended them. We're currently working through a backlog of other types of fire starters and, once they're depleted, I'm ordering one!
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Seconding the Fire Dragon. I gave one to my step father years ago and he still talks about it.
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