Rental car companies which will allow me to rent a car/truck and tow?
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What rental car companies will let me rent a pickup truck or SUV and allow me to tow another vehicle behind it in a one-way US move? (Note: many companies rent vehicles with town hitches but do not permit towing, I'd like to do this within policy to avoid insurance issues)

We'd prefer not to get a moving truck for comfort reasons- we really just need a pickup truck or SUV which can tow another vehicle (3k lb Prius plus 1k~ towing hitch thingamabobber) Thanks!
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Enterprise Trucks should let you tow. Not sure about the one way rental. Link is to their towing guidelines. There are a few other companies that have truck rental divisions.
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U-Haul rents pickups and you can tow with them.
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Came in to say what kindall did.
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Uhaul also rents car haulers. It's a towable, open trailer bed with ramps and grooves for your car tires. Highly recommended. It prevents you from racking up miles on your towed car, is far safer to navigate around turns and at highway speeds and most importantly, gives you brake lights and turns lights on the trailer.
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Response by poster: Enterprise let me do it - but one way are very unusual for them, so make sure you call ahead! I also offered to take full insurance (which I think Enterprise locations like for their numbers) which might have helped. We were VERY happy with our move.

FWIW, we ended up with a Uhaul car hauler, which, true to our lifelong experience with Uhaul, had major issues and required a mechanic at two state lines. Thanks Uhaul...
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