Where could I buy a Russian language textbook about American history?
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I'd like to buy a university-style textbook (or another general survey book) on U.S. history written in the Russian language. Basically, I'm looking for the book that a Russian university would use for it's equivalent to History of the United States 101. Thanks!

I don't live near a Russian speaking community, so I would need to buy it online.
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So if no one else chimes in with anything online, you may want to contact the Russian Books in Chicago. They have tons of stuff and I've bought a number of things from them. If you speak Russian, they may be able to send it to you. Just in case nobody responds here.

The owner's name is Ilya, I think.

2746 West Devon Avenue
Chicago, IL 60659
Phone: (773) 761-3233

Russian Books & Souveniers (sic)

And, if you can't find anything else, if they let you buy it over the phone, I will be happy to pick it up and post it to wherever you are. It isn't far from me and there is a nearby post office.
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You can browse this Russian bookshop in London and see if they have anything there.
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