compression clothes for after surgery
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I had surgery last week. Recovery is going well and I feel great, except I'm pretty sure I'm going to boil alive in the compression. Please help me find alternative compression clothes.

I woke up from surgery (periareolar mastectomy and liposuction on my hips/stomach) wearing this compression vest and this compression girdle. The straps on the latter were intolerable, so my doctor told me it's fine to wear it with the straps undone. This was fine for the first few days, when I was laying down and sleeping most of the day and I was numb anyway.

IDuring my first post-op appointment with the surgeon today, they said it would be fine to use other compression clothes, as long as my abdomen was totally covered.

My main complaint is I'm so hot. I can't move around at all without sweating. I finally can take off the compression to shower, which helps, but I'd really like to be able to wear clothes again and go outside without sweating buckets.

I'm in San Francisco, if there's somewhere I (or more likely, my partner) can go to pick it up. Ordering online is fine, if I can get it here by the weekend. I have to be wearing compression 23/7 for the next 5 weeks, so if it's a bit expensive, so it goes.
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Have you considered any clothing that is designed to function as a cooling system, to wear over the compression items? There are cooling jackets that run on batteries, have ventilation vents, etc. A quick search on Amazon would bring some up.
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Atheltic Compression gear! It might not be as intense compression for shirts but if you are average-to-short waisted, running compression tights might sit high enough to be a doable option. I am partial to the CW-X brand of tights, but I use them primarily for my knees while running rather than waist. I'm tall, and long-waisted, and the stabilix tights hit my belly button, so they may work for you. Bonus: great for reducing swelling on long flights!

I linked to a brand I know, on which has a great return policy and 2 day shipping. might be worth looking around and seeing what else works.

I picked women's pants , since women's sizing takes into account a butt and therefore tends to sit higher on the waist...
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Low tech: evaporation. Wear a very lacy top and loose pants, carry a spray bottle, wet yourself down and stand in the constant SF breeze.

High tech version: Heat stress makes MS worse, so this niche has widest range of cooling products & sizes.
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Another restriction I forgot to mention is that I'm not allowed to (or capable of) raise my arms above my head. My partner has been helping me put on loose t-shirts, but pullover compression shirts are out. Zip-up or velcro should be okay, though.
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For anyone checking in the future, I found an all-mesh chest binder on amazon; I initially got an XL, which was a little too small for 23/7 wear, and have moved up to XXL, which is comfortable. It's definitely much cooler and less stiff than the initial chest binder provided by the surgeon's office.

On the office's recommendation, I tried spanx in the largest size and loosest compression as a replacement for the girdle; it was painfully tight. Fortunately, the provided girdle (what a horrible word) is comfortable enough, if warm.
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