Best time tracking and scheduling tools for a small team?
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What are your favorite tools for collaborative time tracking and scheduling? My business partner and I want to be able to schedule our time and track it in the same place. (And we eventually might add other people.) We need a flexible tool (so like, not restricted to fifteen minutes or whatever). Paid is cool as long as it's not a gajillion dollars for enterprise level stuff that we do not need.
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Freckle and Harvest are two tools that I've used that have worked pretty well. I ended up sticking with Harvest long-term thanks to their invoicing capabilities.
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Check out ServiceM8. It's designed for field services, but can be used for other applications. It's easy to schedule and then you can check in and out of the job/client to track time to the minute. Plus, the price is very affordable. Customer service is great, too.
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Toggl might be worth a try
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