Looking for nanny or daycare for toddler for a few days - Richmond, VA
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Short version: We’ll be visiting just outside Richmond Virginia for 5 days in October, and trying to figure out a way to get a few hours a day of childcare (either nanny or daycare) for our toddler. Looking for tips/suggestions/resources/caveats/strategies.

Longer version:

My wife and I are trying to plan a trip for a five days or so in late October. It's a work-trip for me (I'm attending a week-long training class) and a part-work trip for her (she wants to use it as a part-time retreat to work on a creative project).

We have an 18-month-old boy who will be coming with us. We are hoping to find a few hours a day of childcare for him. This could either be a very-short-term nanny, or some sort of drop-off daycare.

a) Is this something you can even do? I am sort of assuming it is, but maybe I’m wrong? Let me know!

b) Does anyone have general strategies, tips, resources, advice on how to best do this? Resources I can use? Strategies to find help? Pitfalls to watch out for?

c) Any specific recommendations, should that be relevant, for resources around where we are staying (The Wyndham Virginia Crossings Hotel )

Oh and I am not sure why this would matter but – we are all Canadian. (In case, say, there’s some weird rule about foreigners in daycare or something...)

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Can the hotel refer you to a nanny agency or service that books sitters? That would be the easiest. I use a nanny agency for date-night sitters, and they refer to hotels all the time. Failing that, care.com or sittercity.com are two US-based websites that help connect parents to childcare.

Most US daycares don't operate on a drop in/pay for a day model, although I'm sure there are exceptions.
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(Thanks handful! I just tried the hotel - they did not have any suggestions...)
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Are there any local colleges whose students may have time to watch your little one? For search term purposes, rather than a nanny, I think you're actually seeking a babysitter. I second care.com.
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I have used care.com to find, schedule, and pay sitters for my toddler when I moved to a new area. I have been happy with them. You can see candidates qualifications and schedules on the site, do background checks (if the person agrees to it), or do a phone interview. I'm not sure if being Canadian would complicate things, but it doesn't seem like it should.

You could also try the craigslist.org site for the area for babysitters, but I felt more comfortable with care.com.
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Similar to care.com, I used sittercity.com when we wanted a date night on vacation and we were happy with them and the caregiver.
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Care.com is the norm.
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My kid goes to a chain daycare that I've been quite happy with. I checked and there's a branch fairly near where you'll be staying (15 minute drive). They do the kind of thing you're asking about but you'll have to check if your schedule will work with their staffing numbers.

In the months that my kid has been there, there have been two or three kids that have been there for a week or two and a couple who were there for just a day or two. Some do well and some are completely confused/upset by the experience.

The company is Bright Horizons and they have an outpost in Henrico, VA.
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Bright Horizons has a backup child care program which my company subscribed to, so they've made short term care one of their niches.

If you wanted someone else to do nanny vetting, there are franchises here for College Nannies and Tutors and
Nanny Poppinz. I haven't used them and can't think of anyone who has.

One thing to consider for daycare centers is you'll need provide proof of vaccination or complete the religious or medical waver.
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I've seen posts looking for short term sitters (in my city) on my local university alumni Facebook group. It seems to be pretty common for posts to happen on someone else's behalf (eg my friend/ sister in law/ etc. will be in town and is looking for someone to watch an [age] child on [dates]...). Or perhaps you are affiliated with some other organization that has a presence in Richmond?

Also have you tried calling another area hotel?
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