Blender required for Dutch Baby recipe?
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The recipes I'm seeing for Dutch Babies (aka German pancakes) all entail blending the batter in a food processor or blender, in order to have a lump-free batter. I don't have either of those appliances, but I do have a stand mixer. Have you made Dutch Babies without blending? What were your results? How hard a requirement is the blending, as opposed to Very Serious Mixer mixing?
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I've used a hand mixer and it's been fine.
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What, no way. I just mix mine up by hand with a whisk or wooden spoon. It may not be perfectly lump free, but it's all fine once you bake it.
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I looked up some of the recipes in German and found none of them requiring a food processor, instead they say to use a mixer or even just a whisk. You should be fine.
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I have always mixed mine by hand and they've been just fine. And I am a lazy whisker.
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I use a whisk and my Dutch babies are outstanding :)
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No, you should be fine with a hand mixer or even if you just whisk the hell out of it. (Used to work at a pancake house where they made gallons of the batter at a time. Not a blender in sight.)
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I always whisk by hand and am a happy clam.
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Mom always made hers by putting the batter in a jar and shaking vigorously. Make sure it's sealed well, tho.
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Related: you don't actually need a mixer to whip cream.
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Ok, excellent. Thank you all! Dutch babies, ahoy!
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Nthing hand-mixing/whisking. I guess a stand mixer would be faster, but I have made a respectable Dutch Baby by just mixing with a spoon. They're really easy.
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I used the NY Times Cooking recipe just the other day and whisked it by hand. Poofed up just fine.
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I've made Yorkshire Pudding batter (the same as Dutch Baby, but sugarless) in one of those protein shake makers and it's turned out fine. Milk in first, then flour, then egg and a pinch of salt. Shake it all up, leave it to rest for a few minutes, shake it again, and into a hot pan.
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I make mine with a hand whisk like lots of other people. Don't over-whisk but it gets perfectly smooth without much work. Also kaiserschmarrn!

For crepes I'll use a blender though as the batter tends to be thinner and is doesn't seem to combine as easily.
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Immersion blenders work ok too, and they're much cheaper than the appliance type.
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Whisking is fine. Might be helpful to preemptively break up the dry ingredients by whisking them with a dry whisk before they go into the wet stuff. Better still, sift the dry stuff, but that's an extra step with an extra piece of equipment needed, so whisking dry is a decent compromise.
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Hand whisker here. I don't even sift the dry ingredients, but I do pre-whisk all the dry ingredients before adding the eggs and milk. That gets all the lumps broken up and the dry ingredients well mixed.
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Somewhat off topic, but if you still want to get one of those super duper blenders that will crush diamonds, America's test kitchen reviews them and points out one that "only" costs $150 that is the functional equivalent of a Vitamix.
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I make them occasionally. I can't say how authentic they are or if they're close to what a Dutch Baby is supposed to be like (I've only had the ones I've made) but I've always hand-whisked and they've always been fine or even delicious.
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Oh, gosh--eggs beaten with an old-fashioned egg-beater. Add milk, beat some more. Dump in lightly whisked flour/salt, mix using egg-beater. Add melted and cooled butter and gently fold in using a rubber spatula. Scrape mixture into heated and then buttered pan. (Bonus: add crumbled sausage!) 15 minutes at 450 degrees F, then 8-10 minutes at 350.

Seriously--a cheap hand-held egg-beater will do the job! No need for blender.
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I just use a whisk, as it is not a very difficult task to un-lumpify the batter, which is thinner than regular pancake batter. Mine come out like giant puffy balloons, which I believe is the goal. I cover them in sour cherry preserves once they deflate and they are delicious!
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I have literally never used anything more complicated than a fork and they've been consistently good to amazing. I don't do a showoff breakfast often, but when I do, it's that.
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I've made two of these in a row with just a whisk and had absolutely no problems. Plus whisks are super easy to clean.
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