How to sell an NFL game ticket without an American account?
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I'm now unable to attend an NFL game in a couple of weeks I bought a ticket for. Selling it via NFL Ticket Exchange requires an American bank account and submitting your credit card details - are there any easier options?

Unfortunately after all the help from this I'm facing a period of, er, "financial uncertainty". So I'm unable to travel and need to sell my ticket for the game - but NFL Ticket Exchange required a US bank account, or to accept a check/cheque. Also I'm wary of the fraud possibilities as it requires credit card details in case the buyer is unhappy with the purchase.

Are their any simpler options I'm missing, but with some level of the guarantees the NFL service offers?
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Not sure where you are, but try the GameTime app, which I know is available in at least some non-US countries - it's legit.
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Ugh, actually, never mind - you probably can't get money out of it, just credit. Sorry.
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Do you have a physical ticket? Because if so, eBay.
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Stubhub should work. I'm not 100% certain about the bank account but I believe you can just have a check mailed, or have it sent to a Paypal account afterwards. You can upload a digital PDF of the ticket (most buyers prefer this so they can download it) but if you only have a physical ticket, it still works, just slower.
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Do you have two tickets for a Seattle game? You should be able to sell them and use paypal. Seattle tickets are HOT. You may even make money on the deal.
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Stubhub should work.

It does - and they pay out to Paypal accounts. Thank you for this suggestion, I was a little overwhelmed at the number of sites out there and didn't fancy an evening of researching payment options on each site.

Seattle tickets are HOT. You may even make money on the deal.

Bah, I'm selling them for $100 less, and expect to lose out due to currency exchange costs as well - but at least I'll get something back. Now I just hope it's a suitably boring game to watch, with the Seahawks gaining an unassailable lead by half-time.
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