Special pickle-themed anniversary
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Remember the engagement BBQ? Well today is my and my husband's third anniversary! WOO! We joked that a third anniversary is probably the pickle anniversary and that they save all the expensive fancy stuff for the fives and tens of anniversaries. So now I want to do something special and pickle themed for him this weekend. I only have a couple days and limited means to pull this together, but in the green I trust...

We have spent the day emailing each other pictures of pickles and we're probably going to go out for dinner or something tonight, but this weekend I'd like to do something surprising and pickle-themed to doubly celebrate our frankly kick-ass marriage. He does so much for me and has given me so much that I really want to do SOMETHING.

Obvious answers of gifting him a jar of pickles or something are too, well, obvious! I'm looking for something a little more creative and surprising and awesome for him, like perhaps I could make him a full 3 course meal and have them all involve pickles in some way, INCLUDING the dessert? I can't imagine any desserts actually include pickles, so maybe it would have to be pickle shaped?

Any suggestions or ideas are welcome.
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You can pickle fruits. ex: Pickled Pears, grapes
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Have you seen the yodeling pickle?
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Pickle juice cocktails, if you drink.
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arg...came in to say christmas pickle as well...also, the modern list of anniversaries says the third is glass (or crystal) so it works double. (The traditional list says leather for the third...sorry, but your on your own for googling up a 'leather pickle')
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Traditional Vermont Sugar on Snow is served with plain donuts and dill pickles. If you don't have snow, shaved ice will do.
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I don't know why, but I have this pickle lighter.
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Are you near a Trader Joe's? They have spicy pickle flavored potato chips right now.
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also if you drink, dill pickle juice is a terrific chaser for all kinda of alcohol shots.
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Seconding the Trader Joe's spicy pickled-flavored potato chips (they also used to have pickle-flavored popcorn, maybe still do). So good.
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You could watch the Danny Aiello movie from 1993, The Pickle, about an ambitious filmmaker who gets stuck making a godawful special effects vehicle for money.
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These pickled grapes from Smitten Kitchen, served on top of vanilla ice cream has made pickle-haters turn into pickle-fans.
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You could watch Crossing Delancey, in which Amy Irving reluctantly falls in love with a pickle seller, and give him a lovely photo in a pickled wood frame (a fairly common finish, you wouldn't have to wait on the one to arrive from that Etsy vendor).

You could also apply a pickled finish to make another house gift, like a lovely wooden box or candle sticks.

You could also play a pickle-themed game, or, of course, have a nice morning at the farmers' market and then make some quick refrigerator pickles
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This is slightly less obvious than a regular jar of pickles, but you could get him a special jar of pickles... invisible pickles. A friend and I saw a jar of invisible pickles - beautifully labelled, might I add - and it has become a running joke/gag gift between the two of us. Silly and playful.
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Make Kool-Aid pickles!
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Also a fine day to read "Sell out" by Simon Rich, though admittedly reading may not be a fun couple activity.
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Pickle-flavour popping candy.
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Skankin' Pickle dance party?
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I think you need to grill burgers and eat them with the sourest dill pickle slices you can find on them. When you serve them, hand him a card (or maybe make a banner?) that says "I love you like a BBQ burger, with pickles."

Also, dill pickle juice is awesome in beer. Add about 1/2 an ounce. I'm not joking.
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The greatest pair of pajamas I ever had were somehow Vlasic pickle brand. Couldn't find them online. But-- pickle pun attire?
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Pickle vodka works nicely in Bloody Caesars, but for the love of Pete, don't eat the pickle at the bottom!!!
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Potato salad is FANTASTIC with chopped dill pickles and you can use some of the dill pickle juice in the dressing. This one is yummy!
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