Help recommend a good late-October vacation
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I planned to visit Scotland at the end of summer but as it turns out my vacation time isn't until late October when it gets cold and rainy—where should I go instead?

My original plan was to visit northern Scotland the Hebrides. I like quiet, intriguing places. I also wanted to visit some some tiny towns in the northwest of England.

In any case, I'm worried it will be too cold and/or rainy by the time I get there. So I'm looking for another vacation idea (10-14 days or so) that is a bit more climate-friendly but also lower American tourist presence or large tourist presence in general.

I live in New York currently and in the past enjoyed sunny places like Cascais Portugal, Cape Town SA (bigger than what I'm looking for), southeastern beaches in Uruguay, and other small towns that are off the beaten path in those countries.

One thing I've thought about was visiting Gibraltar and then taking the boat over to Morocco and go down the western coast...? Have not researched the weather or other details a whole lot admittedly.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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Also for people with experience in Spain... is it worth paying more for a flight from JFK to Gibraltar, or can I fly into someplace cheaper like Madrid and take transportation down?
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Last year my partner and I visited England for a walking trip and this year when vacation planning we were restricted to after the beginning of November, so we are going walking in Andalusia, Spain, visiting some Pueblo Blancos. We are flying to Madrid from Toronto and taking trains from there.

I researched doing a day trip to Morocco and decided against it. We haven't been to Spain before and will happily spend 11 days there.
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Awesome. Any reasons you decided against a Morocco side trip?
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My perspective is that Gibraltar is interesting and unique but not worth building a trip around.

I'd also plan to fly into Madrid and train travel to Andalusia rather than take the more expensive flight directly to Gibraltar.

I haven't been to Morocco, so I cannot comment, but I'd second the attractions in Andalucia. Seville and Granada are both smaller cities than Capetown, but have old parts that are charming and some attractions; Cordoba is quiet; the White Villages are charming; the Coast is a little bit of an English playground but off season should have its charms.
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The day trip to Morocco involved getting up early, getting back late and taking both a bus and a ferry. It felt like trying too hard to see all the things while not really getting the chance to experience anything.

Our focus was the village to village walk, so other things had to fit around that.
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