Replacement for Clinique lip liner pencil?
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Can anyone recommend a replacement for Clinique's discontinued lip liner pencils?

I have always used Clinique lip liner pencils (i.e., an actual wooden pencil that you sharpen with a sharpener). Now, Clinique seems to have discontinued these and only has "chubby pencils" (too large and more like a lipstick, not appropriate for lip liner use) and plastic "quickliner" sticks that do not have an effective mechanism for extending the lipliner and dry out almost immediately (even if you retract them between uses) - I have never been able to get the "quickliners" to work properly.

Is there another makeup brand that makes good, high-quality lip liner pencils? Most important criteria is that the lip liner itself have no odor or taste, and is in wooden-pencil form factor.
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MAC's lip pencil is very high quality and a real wooden pencil. Their lipsticks are also really fabulous.
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I'm fond of the Nyx lip pencils. It's a drugstore brand, but I can't tell any difference between those and the expensive ones I often use. They do have fat ones, but they also have the Slim Lip Pencil.

Urban Decay also makes very nice lip pencils. I do believe that they're soft plastic, not wooden, but you sharpen them with a sharpener rather than pushing them up.

(I'm with you, btw, on the wooden pencil preference; I find the push-up kind really annoying because they get blunt after a couple uses and you can't make a point. Bleh.)
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This one: Make Up For Life
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Seconding MAC! They are wooden and come in a large array of colors.
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I really like Laura Mercier's lip liner pencils. They are long-lasting and are made of wood.
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Spousal Person, wise in the ways of makeup, says that Colourpop is well worth a look. Made in USA and cruelty-free, too.
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While you're trying to find a long-term replacement, you can contact Clinique's Gone But Not Forgotten department. They can do a search for any remaining products and you can order up to 6 if they are available. So you might be able to stock up on the pencils you already use while you audition new ones.
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Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac - great pinky nudes include Whirl and Soar, and my favorite red lip is one of their pencils - called Half Red.
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Thanks everyone for the great recommendations! Looking forward to trying these!
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They are expensive, but the Chanel wooden lip pencils are great, come with a sharpener, and have a lip brush on one end.
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