ISO of more Spanish language TV series like Narcos
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I loved Narcos. What other Spanish language TV series, including telenovelas, do you recommend and which are available on streaming? I prefer dramas and thrillers. I have Amazon Prime and Netflix, but I'm willing to pay for additional content. I do not speak any Spanish, so subtitles are a must.

I have no particular preference for subject matter, but if it helps, here are some of my favorite English language shows:

The Americans
Bates Motel
Breaking Bad
Downton Abbey
The Fall
Game of Thrones
Happy Valley
The Honorable Woman
House of Cards
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Murder She Wrote
Peaky Blinders
Prison Break
Sons of Anarchy
The Sopranos
The Tudors
True Detective
Wallander (Swedish version)
The Wire
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You will love Carlos from 2010. Multi part series about Carlos the Jackal.
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"Profugos" is a Chilean drug / crime / political / bizarre family drama that is brilliant. It was an HBO Latin America production, so should be included with HBO streaming subscriptions.
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I haven't watched it, but I think the Columbian remake of Breaking Bad, Metastasis, is on Netflix.

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Maybe try Epitafios, season 1. It's around various places, including iTunes I believe. (You might also try the movie Marshland /La Isla Minima, also on iTunes).
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You might like Club de Cuervos on Netflix. It's their first Spanish original TV series and I loved it. The second season should come out this year. It's more of a comedy-drama, but it might have enough drama for your tastes.
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These all look great! Thanks everyone, and I look forward to hearing about any others.
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If it's available (in the UK it's on the channel 4 website), Vis a vis/Locked up is pretty fun. Similar premise to Orange is the new black, but the tone/style is different.
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Carlos is very good.

The very long (more than 70 episodes, I believe) Columbian series about Pablo, El Patron de Mal, is really good. It covers the same ground as Narcos, and the actor who plays Pablo is excellent, but the series has the time and space to take the events much more slowly. In comparison Narcos feels hurried. It was available on Netflix as of recently.
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I like many (but not all) of the titles you listed. Recently I have been enjoying the The Grand Hotel on Netflix. It's a Spanish (set in Spain) telenovela about an upscale hotel in the 1900s. There's forbidden love, illegitimate siblings vying for their rightful share of riches and several (tame) murders. Agatha Christie and Harry Houdini even show up. It's fantastic.
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