What is this odd little figurine?
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My best friend was recently helping a relative in New York State clean out an attic, and came across this this odd figurine. It's 2.5 inches tall, the base is 5/8" across, and it feels heavy -- the actual weight is 70 grams. The ring around the neck is loose, not attached.

The house was built in 1875, but the figurine could be older. There are no markings on the base, but a little of the green has flaked off. It's metal, whatever it is. Any ideas? My friend is not a MeFite, but I'm happy to pass along additional questions to her!
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This image on Pinterest seems to be a fairly close match. The caption for the one on Pinterest says it's a 'Hagenauer WHW Art Deco Bronze.'
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And here's one on Etsy (but with less patina).
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And here's another similar one, dated from the 1950s.
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Werkst├Ątte Hagenauer Wien "was a family business in Vienna that produced fine, handcrafted objects for decoration and use over its nearly ninety-year history. The workshop closed in 1987 but the company's retail premises, opened in 1938 on Vienna's Opernring, survives today as a museum and shop."
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And take a look at WHW's history page, which includes an image of a similar figure.
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Those do look very similar!
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She's going to contact the museum and see what they say. Thanks, MonkeyToes!!
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