Sleep app with custom-by-day alarms
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What sleep app (available for iPhone) allows you to set multiple alarms for specific days? E.g. Mon/Wed/Fri wake up at 8AM, Tu/Th wake up at 9AM, weekends no alarm at all. Willing to pay if I have assurance that the app actually has this dealbreaker feature.
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Why isn't the clock app sufficient? IF you set the repeat options, you can pick M/W/F or T/Th, etc.
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The built in clock alarm has this feature already.
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Sorry, forgot to say that I'm looking for a sleep app with the "sleep cycle tracking" feature, but I want the window to be 8AM-30 min on certain days and 9AM-30 min on other days.
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The Jawbone UP and its associated app do this. That would require buying and wearing the hardware (bracelet) at night though. (I've had one for a few years and love the sleep features.)
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Sleep Cycle does this – you set the alarm every night before going to sleep. You can tell it "no weekend alarms" so it doesn't ask on weekends, just tracks your sleep. Note: I do have the paid version, but I'm pretty sure free operates the same way.
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As with the Jawbone UP, Fitbit does this -- however, even though you set the alarms in the app, it's just a silent/bracelet alarm (not a phone alarm).
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I use Sleepbot on Android, but assuming their iPhone app has the same features, it's got what you need.
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Sleepcycle lets you choose a different time every day.
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I just re-downloaded Sleepbot and can't get it to work the way I need. I made two alarms but there's no option to limit them to specific days. Am I missing something?

Would prefer not to manually set my alarm every night as with Sleepcycle, but I guess I could get used to that if I have to.
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Sorry, forgot to say that I'm looking for a sleep app with the "sleep cycle tracking" feature

Here's more on this, for those who don't understand why the regular clock app isn't sufficient:
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I use Sleepbot, the free version, and it lets me do this. Under Settings, there's a spot called "Repeat" and when I press it, it allows me to select days of the week for the alarm to go off. I have a different alarm for weekends than I do for during the week.
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