Please help me find my Stardust Memories.
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One of my favorite albums for decades has been Stardust Memories by Willie Nelson. I have used up an LP and several CDs over the years. I used to own a book of the lyrics, music and guitar tabs of the album but have somehow lost it. (Likely loaned and not returned.)

I've searched with three different search engines, ebay, Amazon and as many used book and music sites as I could stand. I know some Mefites have powerful search skills. Please help me find this book so I can pick up the songs on the album I haven't learned.
(I realize I can pick up the songs one by one on tab sites, but I really liked having the book.) Thanks in advance!
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Is this the album called "stardust" containing Stardust/Georgia on my Mind/Blue Skies, etc?

If so, the music/lyrics/tabs book is available here
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Thanks, but no, this isn't the same album. It does contain some of the same songs but not all.
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BTW, the title is just Stardust.
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You could contact your local music shop and see if they carry song books. They may be able to check with their distributor to see if it is still in stock. It's pretty likely that it is out of print now.

The tab sites are your best bet even though you wanted a real book.
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Is it this one? Stardust Willie Nelson Somewhere Over The Rainbow
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(That link is not to an item for sale, just thought it might help identify the book.)
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No, that's not it. The one I had had the same graphics as the album Stardust on the cover.
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I think that book is the closest you're going to get. It's a compilation of all the songs on Stardust plus all the songs on Willie's followup album 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' that was published to replace the standalone 'Stardust' book. I'm sure it will give you more than you're looking for.
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