Crumbling cement/mortar in outdoor doorframe--what do I replace it with?
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My outside side door's doorframe has cement or somethingsimilar around it to seal up the area between the frame and the brick wall. The cement is breaking up on one side. What product should I replace it with? How do I install it? Here are some pictures.
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Rigid mortar is not what you want between your bricks and the wooden door frame. Dig it out and use good caulk in there.
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Definitely a high quality caulk, after removing the current mess. Looks like you have fiberglass insulation behind that mortar so you'll probably want to push in some foam backer rod before you caulk to give you a surface to work against.
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Seconding the backer rod. Not only does it give you something to work against, it helps configure the caulk to withstand movement. You want the caulk thinner in the middle and thicker where it adheres to the two surfaces - kinda dumbell shaped. If it is really thick in the center, it is very resistant to movement and will be more likely to pull off the surfaces it is adhered to. This image may help. Backer rod is available at any big box hardware store. Avoid silicone caulk. I like the elastomeric polymer caulks - called "NP1" caulks in the trade.
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