Where to get a mobile phone repaired in the UK
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Beautiful, brand new mobile phone dunked in a river - no insurance, and warranty invalidated. What's the best route to having it repaired or written off?

My wife's brand new Nexus 6P took a dunk in the Ardeche while kayaking a couple of weeks ago. After a rice bath for a few days, it would start up to the bootloader screen, but now won't power up at all.

Bought from the Google Store, but Google (not unreasonably) haven't been able to help, so we're down to looking for a mobile phone repair shop as a last ditch attempt to see if it's salvageable. No recommendations for third party repair services offered.

Have done some web research - and damn, literally everywhere seems super-shady. I'm really OK paying a convenience fee for someone with some expertise to tell me it's beyond economic repair, on even the slim chance it's salvageable - but I would greatly prefer that someone to be knowledgeable and honest.

Does anyone in the UK have any experience of having a water damaged smartphone repaired - including recommendations for engineers that have done a good job?

Any other helpful advice gratefully received.
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Geeksquad.co.uk are legit and connected with the Carphone Warehouse- you can drop your phone off instore. Friend of mine used them last year and it seemed to go pretty well- they tell you in advance how much its going to cost.
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It's worth checking your Home and Contents Insurance - depending on the coverage and the value of the phone you might be covered for possessions while away from home.
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