Help me find this weird fantasy webcomic.
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I'm looking for this webcomic that I started reading a few years ago, like four or five, but I think it's older than that. It was a fantasy comic with characters from our world getting transported to a secondary world, where magical stones were prominently featured. I'm pretty sure it was in black in white.

I'm also pretty sure the main character was a woman, or at least one of the prominent characters was... The comic seemed to have some of the tropes of high fantasy but also to be pretty unique and unusual. One of the stones was much more powerful than the rest and could maybe destroy the world. Thanks in advance for your help!
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Sounds just similar enough to Gunnerkrigg Court to be worth mentioning. Blinker stones can't destroy the world, but they do allow access to the "ether".
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Sounds a lot like Unicorn Jelly. (
ahead of its time. full archives online.
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Yes! It's Endstone, thank you!
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You already have an answer, but there's some similarities with Steven Universe, a cartoon series.
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