Baby gift for the second baby?
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Sister-in-law is about to have niece or nephew #2 and we need to send a gift. Obviously they already have everything they "need" from the first kid, but we also would like to send something really nice. They loaned us literally all their stuff for our baby's first year, which was invaluable and deeply appreciated, so we'd like to get something that says "thank you" almost as much as "congratulations.

-We live 5 hours away so "drop by and clean/babysit" is not an option.
-They have a full-time nanny who will be staying on, making the above less of a thing for them anyway.
-They live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and love outdoor sports, so we'll probably be adding some nice merino items to their baby clothes collection.
-They're not sentimental and SIL aggressively donates unwanted/unneeded items.
-Budget around $150
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Gift cards to restaurants for takeout. It is so nice to have free money for ordering in on a random weeknight when I just absolutely cannot deal with making dinner due to baby screaming and toddler driving me nuts.
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Is she/are they into babywearing? These joint coats are warm enough for all temperatures in which one would actually want to be outside, even in the UP!
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The traditional second-baby gift for my cohort is diapers and wine. Maybe think along those lines. 1/2 practical, 1/2 indulgent, adult-friendly. Gift card for grocery and for Delivered Dish (or some other local place that delivers).
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this sounds crazy, but my sister received a bouncy castle from her girlfriends for baby #2. she put it in the basement and her toddler spent HOURS in there while she breastfed and said "good job, buddy" from the couch. she said it was the best thing she ever received in her life. if there's no basement, a backyard does the trick (except, winter, michigan).
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I read an ask-me recently (but I'm not sure if the question itself was recent) asking about getting professional photography done for a newborn. A nice gift might be putting in the leg work to research (look at portfolios, talk on the phone, schedule within some given parameters) & pay for a nice portrait session at the appropriate time. I feel like this would be a nice gift for people who aren't sentimental as its a non-junky, time and effort gift that you can actually do and that they will value. Especially since they're not sentimental and you may need to work with them some so it might not be a good gift for people who are more into "Surprise! Here's a vase!"

Or maybe there's some other "experience" type thing you can research for them.
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My dear friend just had her third, and I got her a gift certificate for Amazon (they do have Prime) and she said it was one of the most thoughtful things they got, citing my exact reasons for getting it for them: 1) sometimes when you have a new baby and another kiddo or more, it's really hard to make it out of the house to somewhere like Target to get that thing you need, because it is a production, 2) I figure there had to be something that they really wanted that they had not gotten as a gift and really only they know what that thingy is, and 3) if they just wanted to use it on a diaper subscription because that's the most useful thing to them, they could do that.

She ended up getting the exact kind of diaper pail that she wanted for soaking cloth diapers and was so happy.
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I'm a fan of the Amazon gift card. But just in case you want ideas, will they now need a double stroller? (You could maybe get a nice used one on your budget.) It might also be nice to have some new swaddling blankets (adan + anais seem to change their designs fairly often) or a special newborn outfit.
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Get a present for the older kid. Because jealousy is one of the big things parents have to deal with when there's a new baby, and all the presents are for the new baby. For a parent to be able to say, "no, this present isn't for baby, it's for you!" can be an awesome gift and can at least temporarily relieve any tension.

For the new baby, how about the kind of keepsake that people traditionally buy for first babies at showers, but then don't do for second babies? The engraved baby cup or the special fancy rattle or the cute outfit that the parents will put away in a keepsake box, or whatever you got for the first kid. Because second kids, when they grow up, definitely notice that the first baby got all the fancy stuff and they got hand me downs.

Also, yeah, Amazon gift card for the parents/new baby.
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Cheese & Port platter is my go to for new moms.

That usually goes alongside fancy bath stuff and an enforced hour in the tub while I mind baby / clean the kitchen / do laundry / hang out with older kid - but if they have a nanny, that's probably not needed. Cheese and Port still works though.
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Yes, I would definitely say something great for the older kid. Because it's so hard to deal with two kids, so anything that might appease the older one for a bit would be entirely welcome, I'm sure.
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I would not gift an unsentimental person with a toddler a newborn photography session!! Generally the taking of professional newborn photos can be quite time sensitive (i.e. best when baby is a particular age, iirc 8-15 days old) and I personally would not want to feel obliged to traipse the family to have photos taken on someone else's initiative.

I think the most thoughtful gift you can get a time-poor aggressive donater is money or gift cards.

Source: aggressive donater who got newborn photos done.
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Agree that Amazon gift card is the best thing that was ever invented.

What I haven't been able to carry over from kid#1 to kid#2 is shoes. Kid#1 destroyed every pair of shoes he had. I would love a gift card or two to a decent kids' shoe store.
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