Kitchen sink: sink drain thing is broken - help me fix it:)
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Basically it's one of those things that you press once to block the sink plug and press it again to let the water drain out again. This mechanism doesn't work anymore so it's Always closed. I'm not sure if a piece from the bottom broke off or is stuck in the sink. Here are some pictures: here
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The term you want is basket drain stopper. Your local supermarket or hardware store should carry them. Pull the broken piece out of the drain, replace the stopper and you're good to go.
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Go to your nearest Bed Bath and Beyond and get a new one for under ten dollars. The Oxo ones are great. It's one of those things where, once you upgrade from the one you got with the sink, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.
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Do you actually use the plug mode? I thought I did and had to buy new ones every once in a while until I figured out that I didn't ever plug the sink and that this kind of drain thing reduced water flow even when it was open. I switched to a strainer and haven't looked back.
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If you want one that fits your sink like the old one did, walk into Home Depot with the old broken one and have a clerk determine which new one is most similar.

On the scale of repair vs replace this is 1000% replace.
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