Help me buy these hideous sandals
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I am in limerence with these sandals from Asos. They do not ship to Canada, it would seem. I cannot make Google tell me anything useful about acquiring them in Toronto. Please help me be extremely tall.
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ASOS does ship to Canada. Am I missing something? I see that those sandals don't ship to the USA, but they seem fine for Canada. I added them to my cart and got the Canadian shipping options.
posted by Stonkle at 1:57 PM on September 12, 2016

ASOS definitely delivers to Canada - I'm in Vancouver and I've ordered MANY items from them and they have been successfully delivered!
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Puzzling. When I add it to my cart I get only UK shipping options.
posted by lizifer at 2:34 PM on September 12, 2016

Alright, I don't know what magic you guys did, but now when I go to check out all is fine. What the heck? I can't believe I wasted a question on this.
posted by lizifer at 2:38 PM on September 12, 2016

If you hadn't used your Ask you may not have realized the sandals were purchasable! So now you can stomp around in them to your heart's delight :D
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I used to live around the corner from the ASOS warehouse - they definitely deliver worldwide from their UK location. It's apparently a terrible place to work, though. (An employee got so disgruntled a few years ago that they set the place on fire.)
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Oh is that how the fire started? I remember it well because local thrift stores were richly supplied with ASOS fire sale items for months afterwards. It's an ill wind, etc.
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