How should I go about selling an original Peanuts comic strip?
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I was given a signed original pen-and-ink Peanuts cartoon by Charles Schultz over 40 years ago. It features Lucy and Snoopy atop his dog house. It is a weekday strip, so it is not in color. It is copyrighted 1974 by United Features Syndicate. I would like to sell it, but I am unsure where the best market is and how best to sell it. I would welcome suggestions.
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Couldn't hurt to contact these folks.

They're in the business of selling such things, e.g.

Hope that helps get you started.
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Have you had it appraised? You might start there, since how much it's worth will inform how to sell it. I know original strip artwork can run into the tens of thousands potentially. There's a list of appraisers at the Schulz Museum website. Then MrJM's suggestion is probably the way to go.
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MrJM has the right answer here. This is a job for a professional specializing in the field. won't give you prices unless you subscribe, but it will serve as a great guide to other auction houses that have handled Schultz pieces recently. It also looks like this guy specializes in Schulz and actively solicits for lots to sell.

on preview: Huck500's list of appraisers would be an important first step.
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The schulz museum sells original drawings in their gift shop.
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Just for info here are some eBay listings filtered for completed sales of Charles Schultz signed comic strips. It would take more research to validate these sales and more digging to find similar sales.
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CHris Beetles in London deals in this sort of thing. Swann Gallery in New York.

Then there's this place for some suggestions
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